Frequently Asked Questions
1. How many BIG Points will I earn for my AirAsia RedTix purchases?
  You will earn 1 BIG point for every RM2 spent on AirAsiaRedTix products such as tickets to international line-up of concerts, sporting events, musicals, theatre performances and more. Points will be credited to the purchaser upon successful payment.

Note: Ensure the email address is same as BIG Shot Email ID

2. If I use my BIG Prepaid VISA Card to purchase on AirAsia RedTix, how many BIG Points will I earn?
  For every RM2 spent using Big Prepaid VISA Card, you will get 1 BIG Point.

3. What do I do if I have not received my BIG Points even though my purchase transaction has been approved?
  If you have not received your BIG Points after 5 days, you can follow these simple steps for us to investigate your case

  • Please log on to BIG Portal and click on AskBIG.
  • Click on the BIG Rewards icon
  • Select the FAQ that says "What should I do if have a dispute on my BIG Points?"
  • Click on the link to launch the webform and fill out all details needed.

We will contact you within 5 working days after we have received your webform.

4. Why have I not been awarded BIG Points?
  You may not have been awarded BIG Points due to the following reasons:

  • You cancelled the tickets you purchased on
  • You did not include your BIG Shot Email ID when completing the ‘My Details’ section at the Check out page
  • Your payment failed or you didn´t meet the requirements of the AirAsiaRedTix´s credit check
  • Your registration was not deemed as genuine
  • You transaction didn´t meet the AirAsiaRedTix Terms and Conditions
  • Any other reasons as determined by the respective Retailer and as may be stipulated in the AirAsiaRedTix and BIG own Terms and Conditions from time to time.